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WATEC 2017
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EngyCal® BTU meter RH33

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Product Name:      EngyCal® BTU meter RH33
EngyCal® BTU meter RH33
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Custody transfer BTU meter for recording and billing the heat/ cold quantity given off by water, water/glycol mixtures or other liquids

The EngyCal® RH33 BTU meter is used to measure the heat and cold in systems with liquid heat transfer fluids. It is easy to install and read. Thanks to its verified long-term stability and high-precision measurements, the device helps optimize processes and control costs in the process. Comprehensive data analysis options in the Field Data Manager software (see accessories) identify potential areas for cost reduction.

  • Verified and certified reliability and accuracy

  • Transparent energy consumption helps you save on energy costs

  • Remote readout via Ethernet and fieldbuses

  • Standard models are suitable for connecting and supplying all common volume flow transmitters and temperature measuring points

  • Detailed data logging of current and counter values and of error messages, off-limit conditions and changes to operating parameters

  • Industry-compliant compact housing for field or wall mounting, panel mounting or top-hat rail mounting

  • Deficit counter for transparency in case of error or alarm

  • Custody transfer logbook enables versatile device configuration in the field

  • Tariff counter for requirements-based billing

  • Calibrated, electronically paired temperature sensors ensure the highest accuracy and enable replacement of individual temperature sensors even for certified devices in the field (without reapproval!)


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