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WATEC 2017
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Nivotester Liquiphant Failsafe FTL825

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Product Name:      Nivotester Liquiphant Failsafe FTL825
Nivotester Liquiphant Failsafe FTL825
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Point level switch
For Liquiphant FailSafe FTL80, FTL81 and FTL85



Point level switch
For Liquiphant FailSafe FTL80, FTL81 and FTL85

Your benefits

  • SIL3 functional safety due to:
    • internal two-channel design and permanent selfmonitoring
    • line monitoring up to the sensor
    • permanent monitoring of the Liquiphant FailSafe point level switch
  • Permanent, visualized LIVE signal
  • Advanced diagnostic function and fault display
  • Verification of the entire measuring system, including downstream control and signal devices, by means of proof test button or remote control
  • Integrated locking function (self-holding)
  • Clear identification ensures there is no risk of confusion (LIVE signal)
  • 4 switching outputs (can be analyzed separately):
    • 2 as level safety contacts based on the quiescent current principle for a redundant output signal
    • 1 x signaling contact (e.g. lamp)
    • 1 x fault-signaling contact as changeover contact
  • Proof test: proof testing interval up to 12 years

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