WATEC 2017
WATEC 2017
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Servo / Float Tank Gauge

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Proservo NMS5
Measuring range:
0 - 36m (100m available on request)
Ambient Temperature:
-20 ...60 °C-40 ...60°C (ATEX approval)
0.5000 to 2.0000g/cm³

Prothermo NMT532
High accuracy
Intrinsically safe device allowing for the safest electrical configuration possible
Compatible with user friendly ToF (Time-of-Flight) tool
Simple and Economical
Compact size and weight
High reliability and easy installation
Maintenance free
Prothermo NMT539
Intrinsically safe device allowing for the safest electrical configuration possible.
Available in four different versions based on customer requirements:
- Converter Only
- Converter and Temperature
- Converter and water bottom
- Converter, temperature and
water bottom probe
Converter is compatible with various element types in third party manufacturer temperature probes.
Compatible with Endress+Hauser's user friendly ToF (Time-of-Flight) tool.
Variety of process connections and cable entries available to meet worldwide classifications.


Promonitor NRF560
Promonitor NRF560 is a monitoring unit for use with the Proservo series of tank gauges. Mounted at the tank side or up to 1200 meters away (local HART connection), Promonitor provides indication of measured level, temperature data and operating status, and can send operating commands to the Proservo NMS53... from a convenient location.

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